Jumia Now Drifting To Being More like Olx

Hello guys. Today, I’ll be talking about what is probably unknown to y’all. Jumia Ng has grown to be a large online market from where you can order stuffs and get at your doorsteps at affordable prices. Cool- ain’t it? Started in 2012 in Lagos, the company has a very wide presence indeed. Jumia is […]

How to stop Pop ups in your PC Browser

Today, I  will tell you an important trick to stop popups from your browser specially in chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This trick will help you to block unwanted pop ups while you surf the internet. You only have to change some settings in your browsers. Pop ups are one of the most annoying part […]

How To Revive The Speed Of A Slow Mac

Hello guys. I came across an adage that says “How do you make a slow Mac faster than ever? By cleaning up the software and improving the hardware!” That was on a lighter mood tho. To make your low/ laggy Macbook fast again, youll just need to follow simple steps; 1. Update or reinstall macOS […]
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