Improvements To Be Made To Whatsapp

Hello guys. Whatsapp has become a great instant messaging (IM) application available on Android, Ios, Windows, Blackberry and Pc version (wouldsoon be unavailable on blackberry). Needed Whatsapp Improvements would be listed here However, whatsapp has evolved over the years- from personal messages- to the ability to create a group chat- to the ability to have […]

Galaxy s7 and s6 users need to read this

Hey guys T•J here with another exhilarating tech update for you. So I was doing some research yesterday and I stumbled upon something, The Samsung s7 and s6 seems to be suffering from a spontaneously shattering camera glass problem According to Forbes they reported that 22 and maybe still counting users with evidence of the aforementioned problem, […]

Galaxy S8 May Also Come With Wireless Earbuds

Hello guys. Many people are fully aware that the iPhone7 comes with wireless earbuds that are almost equivalent to 67k naira here, but recent reports shows that the Samsung Galaxy S8 might not be an exception in the release of wireless earbuds. That’s the latest rumor swirling around the still unannounced smartphone, courtesy of Sammobile. […]

ZOMBIE DERBY 2- review

Hello guys. Lets take a look at the game called Zombie Derby. Once again, millions of bloodthirsty zombies are swarming all over the continent. That’s why only the bravest and most experienced drivers will still be standing after fighting countless armies of the undead in this tough apocalyptic reality. Become one of the heroes in […]

Adsoptimal The Best Adsense Alternative

Hello guys. Are you a blogger that needs cash, or you’ve been looking for the best adsense alternative? Today, i introduce one of the very best; Adsoptimal. Below are steps on how to join the system. Here, I will share my knowledge about the Adsoptimal the best Adsense alternative. AdsOptimal (Social Nation Inc) is an advertising […]

Get Trucaller Premium

Hello guys. Many of us are familiar with the popular app called Trucaller, and if not, let me run through the basic features of the app:   Get the name of your caller Get the location (country) of your caller Get the Nigerian bank that owns a particular account number Get email address of caller […]
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